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Oxigraf is the leading manufacturer of laser absorption spectroscopy sensors for oxygen gas measurement and analysis.

Oxigraf Oxygen Analyzers and Safety Monitors

The Oxigraf laser diode oxygen analyzer offers advantages over other gas sensing technologies.

  • Responds in tenths of a second compared to tens of seconds.
  • Has no cross sensitivity to other gases.
  • Corrects automatically for changes in gas pressure or temperature.
  • Measures quickly over a dynamic range from 100 ppm to 100%.
  • Has a very long life and requires no periodic replacement or service.

Oxigraf’s unique hardware and firmware technology controls the laser diode and gas sample temperatures, scans and integrates the oxygen absorption, removes laser noise, measures the gas sample pressure, and computes the oxygen concentration. Oxigraf expertise relates to the design, assembly, burn-in, and test of laser diode, optical, gas sensor, and gas sampling assemblies. Eight key patents covering the laser gas sensor technology are licensed to Oxigraf.

The Company:

The Oxigraf team includes employees and consultants with expertise in optomechanical and electronic engineering, software development, quality systems, and manufacturing.

Oxigraf occupies a 5500 square foot facility in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. This location allows Oxigraf to tap the expertise and talent available in the high technology center for the USA. The Oxigraf facility includes equipment to assemble and test diode lasers and oxygen sensors. A complete engineering and support team is available in-house to work with customers and provide continuous product improvements and developments.

Oxigraf has a quality management system to meet the needs of its customers and to improve management of the company. The quality system complies the European quality system standard EN ISO 13485:2016. It covers the design, production, and servicing of Oxigraf sensors.


Oxigraf is celebrating over twenty years in the business of making laser gas sensors and instruments. Incorporated in 1996, Oxigraf actually began in 1990 in a garage like many other companies in the Silicon Valley and has since grown considerably. Recent corporate highlights include:

  • Oxigraf has delivered the O2N2 OBIGG system for flight test of the fuel tank safety system to several major aviation/aerospace programs since 2005.
  • Oxigraf O2iM Oxygen Safety Monitors have been widely adapted in hundreds of facilities since 2004, replacing less reliable electrochemical sensors.
  • The Model O2 received clearance for marketing for human use by the FDA under the 510(K) process in 1998. The Model O2Cap adding CO2 measurement was added in 2004.
  • Oxigraf O2 and CO2 sensors have been widely adapted by OEM manufacturers of medical respiratory gas monitors to measure breath waveforms, end-tidal gas values, anaerobic threshold, VO2 max, and non-invasive cardiac outputs.
  • Oxigraf has performed two Phase I and one Phase II SBIR contracts for the U.S. Air Force and NASA developing sensors for aviator breathing gas generating systems.
  • Oxigraf performed manufacturing and quality engineering services for the ORCA Diagnostic, Inc cardiopulmonary stress test analyzer leading to UL, CSA, and CE approvals in 2000. The ORCA analyzer incorporates an X2004 Oxigraf sensor. Since 2002, Oxigraf has been the exclusive distributor for the ORCA system and continues to service and support these products today.

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