CPET – Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

A cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) is an evaluation of the cardiopulmonary system.

Physical exercise requires the interaction of the physiologic mechanisms that enable the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to support the energy demands of the contracting muscles.  Both systems are consequently stressed during exercise. Their ability to respond adequately to this stress is a measure of their physiologic competence.

  • Studies are performed under the direction of the cardiology and pulmonary divisions
  • Emphasis of testing may be influenced by the requesting division
    • Cardiac patients have more detailed electrocardiogram (ECG)/hemodynamic monitoring during testing
    • Pulmonary patient studies may include bronchial provocation with exercise testing
  • Exercise modalities
    • Bicycle ergometer
    • Treadmill
    • Selection of modality and protocol are dependent upon the requesting physician, level of fitness and health, weight, age, and patient preference

Model O2CPX – Cardiopulmonary Exercise Analyzer

The Model O2CPX is a table top analyzer used to monitor performance parameters during exercise testing. Breath-by-breath O2, CO2 and flow rate is measured precisely and accurately with internal sensors. Heart rate and pulse oximetry interfaces are compatible with Polar and Nonin accessories. Ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure is acquired for precise measurement correction. Our reliable solid state oxygen sensor does not require routine maintenance or factory calibration. Our O2CPX hardware easily collaborates with customer software solutions via USB interface.


KONA Software Designed for The Model O2CPX

Next generation cardiopulmonary exercise testing screen, with interactive breath-by-breath validation:

  • Visual test results viewer with custom charts and tabular breath-by-breath view.
  • Automatic VO2 and anaerobic thresholds can be manually overridden.
  • Custom reports including charts and key metrics.
  • FVC spirometry comparison test and pre/post FVCcomparison test.
  • Spirometry reports can be generated independently.
  • Patient management section with demographic information.
  • Easy calibrate screen. Pneumotachs are easily calibrated by entering a quick code.
  • Automatic flow volume correction using built in, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors.
  • Oxygen saturation and polar heart rate input.
  • Optional ECG stress-test integration.
  • Optional multi-node test site version with shared relational database engine and support for 25+ test and review stations

Ergotron System Cart

Ergotron Neo-flex computer cart with height adjustable monitor and work surface for standing and sitting situations.
Complete systems cart configuration with mounting for

  • Oxigraf Model O2CPX Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test Analyzer mounting
  • Single monitor (up to 42 inch) or dual monitor mounting for 22 inch displays
  • Keyboard and Mouse work surface
  • Integrated Intel NUC computer mounting
  • Integrated power and cable routing
  • Mounting for 500L calibration gas cylinder on rear

Please download your O2CPX analyzer brochure.

Please download your KONA Software brochure.

Please download your Ergotron Cart brochure.

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