Head Monitoring System

Oxigraf works with clients across a wide range of industries to address their unique analyzing needs. Recently, for instance, we helped a client who was looking for a way to keep their coffee beans from going stale so quickly. The detailed case study is outlined below.

The Problem

This client was looking for a way to maintain the freshness of their coffee beans, which were going stale quickly due to oxygen leakage in their storage facility. This, in turn, was resulting in loss of profits from distribution. The company turned to Oxigraf for a reliable coffee bean headspace monitoring solution.


The Solution

Oxigraf provided an oxygen process analyzer from our O2iL and O2iC Oxygen Process Analyzer product line. The Oxigraf O2iL analyzer we provided is capable of measuring and signaling when oxygen leaks into the storage system, allowing the client to immediately complete needed maintenance tasks. This analyzer also controls the flow of inert gas into the storage silo. With rapid oxygen measurement, monitoring, and response time, the risk of coffee-bean oxidization is eliminated, preventing the beans from going stale.


Our team encountered a few unique challenges along the way — such as the complexity involved in measuring the headspace — but a solution was reached through the development of customized equipment, which can measure and control oxygen process gas, combustion oxygen mixtures, or nitrogen purge gas with a response time of less than 1 second.

As a top-of-the-line, modern digital oxygen analyzer, our solution has analog and digital interfaces for the control, display, and data logging of oxygen process parameters. The Oxigraf O2iL features fast response time, reliable laser diode technology, sophisticated pressure- and temperature-correction features, and remote display and maintenance capabilities. It is also insensitive to movement, and has coded password access and a sample flow monitor.


Both the O2iL and the O2iC oxygen process analyzers have a measurement range of 2-100% (0-100% optional). The cross sensitivity is 0.2% oxygen/nitrogen mixtures. The response time is 500 ms at 200 ml/min flow rate, with additional low-pass filtering programmable. The gas inlet temperature is -20 to 60 ºC, and the gas pressure is 100 to 1150 Mb. The humidity is 0 to 95%, non-condensing. The Oxigraf laser diode oxygen analyzer has a very long life span — especially compared to other options on the market — and requires no periodic replacement or servicing.


The Result

The client’s problem was easily resolved with the use of our O2iL – O2iC analyzer model, which allowed for an accuracy of +/-0.2%. The customer is now able to keep their coffee beans fresh for longer periods of time, resulting in higher profits in distribution. This client was very pleased with the system we provided, and has since spread the word about our product line and capabilities to other customers in the food industry.

Learn More

Oxigraf’s oxygen monitoring systems can benefit both the food processing and scientific research industries. We have over 15 years of experience producing high-quality laser gas sensors and instruments, and we’re proud to be the leading manufacturer of laser absorption spectroscopy sensors for oxygen gas measurement and analysis. Oxigraf O2iM Oxygen Safety Monitors have been widely adapted in hundreds of facilities since 2004, in many instances replacing far less reliable electrochemical sensors. Oxigraf O2 and CO2 sensors, in particular, have been widely adapted by OEM manufacturers of medical respiratory gas monitors to measure breath waveforms, end-tidal gas values, anaerobic thresholds, VO2 maxs, and non-invasive cardiac outputs. For more information on our analyzing solutions or to speak with an expert about your specific needs, contact the team today.

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