Technical Documentation

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For direct customer support and help with technical issues please contact Oxigraf at or call 650. 237.0155

Oxigraf holds EN ISO 13485:2016 certifications issued by TÜV Rheinland, and are fully compliant with internationally recognized standards.



Technical Specifications

Please click here for information on the Properties of Oxygen

Please  click here for ODM -Minimum Values of O2 Concentration

Please click here for Psychrometric Chart – Saturation Vapor Pressure Table [PDF 41kB]

Please  click here for the Predictive Filter Setup [PDF 9KB]

Please click here for Oxigraf Oxygen Analyzer Applications: Electrical Interface for OEM Sensors [PDF 40KB]

O2 Analyzer and Sensor Information


Model O2 Oxygen Analyzer Info Model O2T for Refilling/Transfill Info Model O2L Hi Resolution Analyzer Info X3003/X3004 Sensor Info
Model O2 Calibration
[PDF 59KB]
Model O2T Calibration
[PDF 25KB]
Model O2L Calibration
[PDF 22KB]
X3004 Mechanical Layout Drawing
[PDF 61KB]
Model O2 Error Messages
[PDF 12KB]
Model O2T Warning & Alarm Messages
[PDF 10KB]
Model O2L Display Messages
[PDF 10KB]
X3000 Electrical Connections
[PDF 13KB]
Model O2 Quick Reference Guide
[PDF 13KB]
Model O2T Quick Reference Guide
[PDF 14KB]
Model O2L Back Panel Interface
[PDF 69KB]
Analog Application Notes
Model O2 Troubleshooting Guide
[PDF 16KB]
Model O2T Troubleshooting Guide
[PDF 16KB]
Model O2L Troubleshooting Guide
[PDF 16KB]
X3000 Interface Schematic
[PDF 13KB]